Elleeban Evolved Lash Lift Certification Class Dates

  • June 22nd

  • July 13th

  • August 3rd

  • September 28th

  • October 11th

  • November 29th

  • Evolved Course Fee is $650

  • All deposits are half of the course Fees

  • All Fees must be Paid in Full prior to the course date

Please Note: Belmacil Tints are the only tints designed and tested to be used immediately after an           

                       Elleebana lash lift.  All other Tints must wait 7-10 days post treatment.  Failure to do so may                         result in adverse effects to the lift.


ADD:    Belmacil Mini Kit for $165: Includes 4 tubes of tint (black, blue black, dark and

                     light brown) and tint accessories

                  Belmacil Complete Kit for $230: Includes the complete color range for the perfect

                     customizable tint color.  Comes with all 10 colors, color chart and tint accessories.

      Or    Just add a Belmacil Oxydant and black for $42  (each additional tube is $18)


These Dates don't fit you schedule!  

Private or Group Classes are Available

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