Elleebana is an Australia brand that has been established for over two decades specializing in lash lifting and may other lash enhancements. Belmacil is a Swiss company that is now become a professionals choice of color . Belmacil is formulated to work hand in hand with the Elleebana Lash Lift System allowing you to lift and tint you clients lash immediatly after their lift.  Our commitment is to provide you with professional and excellent service to help you achieve the quality of service we strive for. This is a one day class which includes a Elleebana Evolved student kit, 15 lash lift packs (30 lifts), Belmacil kit - Tints 4 Colours BLACK, BLUE-BLACK, DARK BROWN, & LIGHT BROWN, Tint and Eye Make Up Remover Oxydant Creme which is Gentle on clients, our stabilized developer is a unique formulation Belma Shield Protective Balm – a natural alternative made of sweet almond oil & beeswax, Belma 2 in 1 Tint Mixing Dish with brush restApplication Brush – retractableBelmacil Paper Eye Shields – better fitting adjustable paper eye shields with a protective film so doesn't penetrate onto the skin manual, pdf material, a certificate and ongoing support


  • To reserve you seat a non-refundable deposit of $400 is required